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Cost & Value Engineering

Hands-on Seminar "Cost & Value Engineering"

Control product costs and margins in an objective-driven manner starting with product development. Cost engineering is a leading edge cost management methodology based on which products are developed with high customer benefit at competitive costs.

Participants are given a comprehensive insight into cost engineering methods, processes, and instruments. The focus is placed on optimization measures that flow into product design already during the concept and development phase.

The seminar conveys the following knowledge

  • Proactively identifying cost and value drivers in products and processes
  • Initiating contributions for cost and value optimization and cost engineering teams, and participating in their implementation
  • Generating innovations by integrating suppliers into the development process
  • Developing competitive products with high quality standards and customer benefit

The seminar addresses managers and employees from the product development, production, industrial engineering, purchasing & controlling functions who wish to successfully plan and control product costs starting with the early product definition and development process

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Seminar - Design-to-cost and DFMA for sheet metal forming parts and assemblies

Product cost control is most effective if practiced in an early stage of the product developmental process.

A comprehensive knowledge is imparted to the seminar participants for the optimization of metal forming parts which are produced in the processes stamping, punching and deep drawing. The focus lies on optimization measures which flow into the product design during the concept and development phase.

All life cycle costs of the products, including the quality- and tool-costs are looked at.

Seminar Aim

Based on examples from the manufacturing practice a comprehensive professional knowledge will be provided to the participants which enables them

  • to design products regarding optimal production and tooling costs
  • to assess economically different product development concepts
  • to initiate contributions for cost optimization in cost management teams and to help to realize them

The seminar content is shown by means of practice examples and cost calculations. Examples from the practice routine of the seminar participants can be included after previous arrangement with the seminar leader.

Our seminar offers are aimed at product development engineers from automobile industry, aviation industry, electrical industry, household goods industry, medical engineering, pump manufacturers and mechanical engineering.

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